VIVO 2021 Program

Please Note: All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Wednesday June 23

Day 1
  • Bruce Herbert
What's new in VIVO 1.12?
  • Brian Lowe

Graham Triggs Remembered
  • Mike Conlon

Open research information for responsible research assessment
  • Ludo Waltman

15 minute break
What User Groups could do to strengthen VIVO users engagement
  • Anna Guillaumet, Christian Hauschke, Julia Trimmer
VIVO - Data Ingest
  • Ralph O'Flinn

VIVO in the Spanish research scenario
  • Anna Guillaumet

Feeding PIDza to VIVO: data ingest with SPARQL-Generate
  • Sandra Mierz, Maxime Lefrançois
Priorities of a VIVO Community - results of a survey at the 5. VIVO-Workshop 2021
  • Christian Hauschke
VIVO ETL using open source tools
  • Mike Conlon

15 minute break
Customized implementation of VIVO for working with philosophical texts
  • Georgy Litvinov
Geospatial information in VIVO - thoughts, ideas, suggestions
  • Mike Conlon, Christian Hauschke, Violeta Ilik, Anna Kasprzik, Brian Lowe, Daniel Nüst, Philip Strömert, Melanie Wacker, Tatiana Walther
Creating a semantic catalogue of architectural drawings
  • Graham Triggs, Tatiana Walther, Birte Rubach
An Organization Ontology for VIVO based on ROR
  • Mike Conlon

Responding to Faculty Interest in Rapid Publishing During the Pandemic: The Role of interoperable Scholarly Communication Systems at Texas A&M.
  • Bruce Herbert, David Lowe, Dong Joon Lee, Sarah Potvin
AEON development workflow - how I managed to never open the command line and yet have automated workflows
  • Andre Castro, Philip Strömert

Please Note: All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Thursday June 24

Day 2
The Power of PIDs: using persistent identifiers to enable connections throughout the research lifecycle
  • Carly Robinson

ReadTheDocs for VIVO ontologies
  • Mike Conlon

Der Forschungsatlas - a community-oriented research profile system in the making
  • Benjamin Kampe, Christian Hauschke
Testing PIDza coverage for VIVO at Osnabrück University
  • Katherin Schnieders, Dominik Feldschnieders
30% of our Visits are Mobile, But We're Not Ready! Two Simple Ways We Worked Around the Problem
  • Anirvan Chatterjee, Brian Turner, Eric Meeks
Ontocale Lightning Talk
  • Brian Lowe

15 minute break
euroCRIS Track at the 2021 VIVO annual conference: 'VIVO implementations at Latin American institutions: different approaches and configurations, one common objective'
  • Pablo De Castro, Anna Guillaumet
Scholars 3.0: Design to Drive Engagement
  • Lamont Cannon, Hans Harlacher
EuroCRIS workshop continues
AdventHealth Research Institute
  • Magdalini Finelli
EuroCRIS workshop continues
Scholars@TAMU: A Continuously Evolving Ecosystem Based on Campus Needs for Interdisciplinary Research and Academic Reputation
  • Ethel Mejia, Dong Joon Lee, Douglas Hahn, Bruce Herbert
15 minute break
EuroCRIS workshop continues
Adventures in Angular: A New Clarivate Demo Site
  • Benjamin Gross, William Welling
EuroCRIS workshop continues
Graph-based approaches for Hybrid AI solutions
  • Paco Nathan
EuroCRIS workshop continues
VIVO-Studio: towards a software that facilitates and standardizes the process of data transformation from institutional sources to VIVO for multidisciplinary teams
  • Michel Héon

Please Note: All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Friday June 25

Day 3
The OpenAIRE Research Graph: Science as a public good
  • Paolo Manghi
Sharing Queries and Reports with the Reporting Marketplace
  • Christian Hauschke, Sandra Mierz, Katherin Schnieders, Graham Triggs,
Deliver clean researcher profiles for VIVO with minimal administrative burden
  • Anja Edmeades

SIGMA Lightning Talk
  • Anna Guillaumet

15 minute break
A VIVO Community Update: Reflections on the Last Year and Where We Are Headed
  • Bruce Herbert, Anna Guillaumet, Terrie Wheeler, Douglas Hahn, Julia Trimmer
VIVO at the national level – Blending data and technologies to facilitate research insights and analytics in Denmark
  • Mogens Sandfær, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez
Instant Gratification? The importance of time when handling scholarly data
  • Damaris Murry, Robert Nelson, Richard Outten
Find a Universitat de Lleida's Expert using VIVO
  • Roberto Garcia, Olga Martín-Belloso
Case Studies of US Research Information Management Practices
  • Rebecca Bryant

TUCfis: A holistic research information management approach to support the digital transformation of a university
  • Christoph Göpfert, Dang Nguyen Hai Vu, André Langer, Sebastian Heil, Martin Gaedke
15 minute break
The Evolution of Data Governance and Sharing in Scholars@Duke
  • Damaris Murry

Open APIs for Metadata Enrichment and Finding Free-to-Read Full Text Locations
  • Jeff Horon
VIVO-Proxy: A Swagger API tool for VIVO Data-Ingestion process
  • Michel Héon
Towards FAIR research information - insights from expert workshops
  • Natalia Kaliuzhna, Franziska Altemeier, Serhii Nazarovets, Christian Hauschke
Research Information Management Systems as Data: A Case Study of Scholars@TAMU
  • Dong Joon Lee, Ethel Mejia, Douglas Hahn, Bruce Herbert
Graham Triggs Remembrance
  • Mike Conlon