VIVO 2020 Program

Please Note: All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Tuesday June 16

Day 1
  • Mike Conlon

The document act ontology (d-acts) and how it is related to VIVO entities
  • Mathias Brochhausen

VIVO Updates
  • Julia Trimmer

G-OWL: Towards Graphical-Ontology-Web-Language - an OWL-2 Visual Notation for the Semantic Web Ontology Modeling
  • Michel Héon
VIVO's Development Priorities - Introduction and Input
  • Andrew Woods, Benjamin Gross, Richard Outten
VIVO as a Linked Open Data Enabler for the Université du Québec Network
  • Michel Héon, Rachid Belkouch, Nicolas Dickner, Alexander Jerabek
Recent Internationalization Developments in VIVO
  • Andrew Woods, Michel Héon, Nicolas Dickner, Alexander Jerabek, Rachid Belkouch, Pierre Roberge
AEON - towards an Academic Events Ontology
  • Philip Strömert, Christian Hauschke, Mike Conlon
TUCfis: Applying VIVO as the new RIS of the Technical University of Chemnitz
  • Dang Nguyen Hai Vu, André Langer, Martin Gaedke
University Research Assessment using ORCID, WoS and VIVO
  • Nikoline Lauridsen, Christina Steensboe, Mogens Sandfær, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Birger Larsen, Kirsten Krogh Kruuse, Marianne Gauffriau, Adrian Price, Franck Falcoz, Brian Lowe
Building a Funding Recommendation Engine from Scholars@Duke Data
  • Damaris Murry
A data infrastructure to bridge BI and research analytics tools and methods
  • Pedro Parraguez, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Brian Lowe, Mogens Sandfær
Building the UC Davis Covid Research Registry
  • Quinn Hart, Vannessa Ensberg, Justin Merz, Jeff Tyzzer
Empowering decisions and research management through a VIVO-based system
  • Cleo Sgouropoulou, Anastasios Tsolakidis, Evangelia Triperina

Please Note: All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Wednesday June 17

Day 2
VIVO in the euroCRIS Directory of Research Information Systems (DRIS): a growing presence, multiple use cases
  • Pablo De Castro, Dominik Feldschnieders, Loredana Rollandi, Anna Guillaumet
Web of Science Workshop
  • Benjamin Gross, Rob Pritchett
EuroCRIS workshop continues
Software Ecosystem for VIVO's Continuous Development: i18n Development Use Case
  • Michel Héon, Nicolas Dickner, Alexander Jerabek, Rachid Belkouch, Pierre Roberge
EuroCRIS workshop continues
Chinese translation using VIVO v1.11 and Web of Science data
  • Benjamin Gross, Aimee Wang
EuroCRIS workshop continues

Please Note: All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Thursday June 18

Day 3
Open, Global and Local – Visualizing research with VIVO and other open tools
  • Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Mogens Sandfær, Brian Lowe, Pedro Parraguez, Christina Steensboe, Nikoline Lauridsen
Integrating VIVO and the Campus Repository: Representing Curated Teaching Materials in Scholarly Profiles of Faculty in Different Career Tracks
  • David Lowe, Jeanentte Ho, Dong Joon Lee, Bruce Herbert
ROSI - Visualising open scientometric indicators in research profiles
  • Svantje Lilienthal, Christian Hauschke
An Innovation Lab Experience in a Federal Agency
  • Manoel Brod Siqueira, Jose Francisco Salm Jr, Tailita Moreia de Oliveira, Fabiene Ferreira
Research Intelligence and the VIVO Platform: A Case Study from Texas A&M University and a Proposal for the VIVO Community
  • Bruce Herbert, Dong Joon Lee, Ethel Mejia
Customized Implementation of VIVO at the ZEW
  • Markus Kotte
Representation of Art-Historical Information with Vitro
  • Tatiana Walther, Birte Rubach, Graham Triggs, Christian Hauschke
An extensible software architecture for VIVO
  • Mike Conlon

ConfIDent - persistent identifiers and high quality metadata for conference information
  • Julian Franken
Presentation continues
VIVO and ORCID: to authentication and beyond
  • Sheila Rabun, Paloma Marín-Arraiza
Modernizing the VIVO Template the Freemarker Way
  • Ralph O'Flinn
How we identified UCSF’s hottest COVID-19 researchers using the free Google Search Console
  • Anirvan Chatterjee
Presentation continues
Clarivate Lightning Talk
  • Ann Beynon
VIVO-DataConnect: Towards an Architectural Model for Interconnecting Heterogeneous Data Sources to Populate the VIVO Triplestore
  • Michel Héon, Nicolas Dickner, Rachid Belkouch, Alexander Jerabek
Dimensions Adapter for Profiles RNS
  • Moisey Gruzman, Eric Meeks, Brian Turner
Presentation continues
Research Profile Ownership through User Studies: A Case Study in the German National Research System
  • Grischa Fraumann, Christian Hauschke
Persistent Identification Of Instruments
  • Markus Stocker, Louise Darroch, Rolf Krahl, Ted Habermann, Anusuriya Devaraju, Ulrich Schwardmann, Claudio D'Onofrio, Ingemar Häggström
What's Happening with VIVO Scholar? Get the Scoop
  • Julia Trimmer, Jim Wood, Damaris Murry
Presentation continues
A Short Note on Internationalization of Ontologies
  • Mike Conlon

Let’s ROR Together! Implementing Open Identifiers for Research Organizations across the Research Landscape
  • Maria Gould
Developing an alternative VIVO frontend based on Triple Pattern Fragments for Metabolomics
  • Taeber Rapczak, Mike Conlon, Kevin Hanson, Samantha Emerson, Christopher Barnes
Presentation continues
Pure in the Open Source and Open Science Ecosystem
  • Moisés Moreno
SMART on VIVO. It's not a dumb idea!
  • Eric Meeks