VIVO 2019 Talk Proposals

Present your work and ideas at VIVO 2019

Do you help make scholarly data open, found, and consumed? Do you have fresh ideas or new work you want to share with us? We’d love to hear from you! The VIVO conference covers a broad range of topics surrounding research information systems. With VIVO 2019, we are widening the scope of talks to target a broader audience of people working in this space.

Possible formats

We are open to:

  • presentation proposals
  • workshop proposals
  • panel proposals
  • posters
Proposal and review process
  1. before 14 April May 15, 2019: Share your proposal through OpenReview, where it will be publicly visible.
  2. Share your proposal on social media and your networks, and invite people to comment and engage.
  3. Keep an eye on the interactions, and reply when meaningful.
  4. between 15 May and 15 June: Assigned reviewers start posting reviews from 15 May until May 31; they will become visible immediately and you can react to them. Between 3 June and 15 June Program Chair and VIVO TF members decide on the final program
  5. on 15 June: You are notified about acceptance.
  • Focus topics and trends:
    • Decentralizing and federating research (meta)data
    • Identity and information linking across VIVO and/or other systems
    • Finding information across different systems
    • Data ownership, provenance, validation, truth assessment, and linking
    • Aligning personal and institutional scholarly communication
  • Scholarly communication topics:
    • Measuring the impact of scholarly works
    • Embedding and linking data inside of scholarly works
    • Promoting open data and transparency in scholarship
    • Evaluating the impact of scholarship in or across various disciplines
  • System topics:
    • Evaluating and choosing research information systems
    • Taking your research system to the next level
    • Experiences with research systems other than VIVO
    • Enabling international systems and global scholarship
  • Use cases:
    • Success stories and lessons learned from implementation and maintenance
    • Collaborative research and team science
    • Visualizations, social networks, and recommendation engines
    • Leveraging the VIVO open source community and Duraspace in your institution
    • Using VIVO to “stand on the shoulders of giants”