VIVO 2018 Program

Wednesday June 6

Day 1
Breakfast (included)
JB Duke Marketplace
Learning VIVO Development
  • Don Elsborg, Jim Blake, Huda Khan, Benjamin Gross
Hands on with the Dimensions API
  • Simon Porter
Lunch (included)
JB Duke Marketplace
VIVO Product Evolution: Exploring New Technologies
  • Alex Viggio, Paul Albert, Richard Outten
Exploring Research Information Citizenship in an Institutional Context
  • Simon Porter, Brian Turner
Welcome Reception
Meeting Room B
Dinner (included for hotel guests)
JB Duke Marketplace

Thursday June 7

Day 2
Registration and Sponsors
JB Duke Atrium
Breakfast (included)
JB Duke Marketplace
Opening Session and Weber Keynote
Ballroom ABC
  • Griffin Weber

VIVO and the Center for Data to Health (CD2H)
  • David Eichmann, Kristi Holmes, Melissa Haendel
Pushing publication records from Scholars@Cornell to ORCID
  • Jim Blake, Muhammad Javed
ORNG is Not Dead
  • Brian Turner, Eric Meeks
Coffee Break
JB Duke Atrium
Community approaches to open data at scale (Part 1)
  • Jennifer Kemp, Judy Ruttenberg, Todd Vision, Clare Dean
Two ways to integrate Publons peer review data in VIVO
  • Benjamin Gross
Functional requirements for an updated user interface
  • Paul Albert, Michael Bales
Community approaches to open data at scale (Part 2)
  • Jennifer Kemp, Judy Ruttenberg, Todd Vision, Clare Dean
VIVO-DE: Collaborative ontology editing & management with VoCol
  • Anna Kasprzik, Tatiana Walther, Christian Hauschke
Improving Integration: Elements, DSpace, and VIVO at Duke University
  • Damaris Murry, Paolo Mangiafico
Lunch (included)
JB Duke Marketplace
Fransen Keynote and Unconference Kickoff
Ballroom ABC
  • Jan Fransen

ERNIE: A Knowledge Platform for Research Assessment
  • Samet Kesercia, Avon Davey, Alexander Pico, Dmitriy Korobskiy, George Chacko
Research Networking Data as Metrics: The Choice of Controls Matters
  • Jihad Obeid, Dayan Ranwala, Tami Crawford, Perry Halushka
Unconference: VIVO Vagrant - next steps
  • Don Elsborg
Engaging Faculty with their Profiles in Scholars@TAMU
  • Dong Joon Lee, Doug Hahn, Ethel Mejia, Bruce Herbert, Michael Bolton
An Open Architecture for Extensible Expertise Profiling and Discovery
  • David Eichmann
Unconference: Author Disambiguation
  • Paul Albert, Sarbajit Dutta
Coffee Break
JB Duke Atrium
VIVO: Research Engagement & Impact
  • Keith Brophy
Building an Nimble User Interface for VIVO
  • Steven Mccauley, Hector Correa, Jean Rainwater
Unconference: OpenHarvester
  • Muhammad Javed
Profiles Research Networking Software: Group Profiles
  • Nick Brown, Griffin Weber, Christopher Shanahan, Christopher Dorney, Peter Flynn
VIVO Community Development - Aligning Efforts
  • Andrew Woods, Huda Khan
User perceptions, feedback, and stories: Potential pathways for exploring user needs
  • Huda Khan, Erica Johns, Matthew Mayernik, Don Stott, Benjamin Gross, Christian Hauschke, Lamont Cannon
Scholars@Cornell: A Journey from Data in Peace to Data in Use
  • Muhammad Javed, Jim Blake, Tim Worrall
Poster Reception
JB Duke Atrium and Gallery
Unconference: Linking VIVOs
  • Ralph O’Flinn
Explore Durham (Group Dinners)
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Late Night Social
JB Duke Lobby Lounge and Club Room

Friday June 8

Day 3
Registration and Sponsors
JB Duke Atrium
Breakfast (included)
JB Duke Marketplace
Kibbe Keynote and Unconference Kickoff
Ballroom ABC
  • Warren Kibbe

VIVO Research Analytics Platform - global data meets local demands
  • Christina Steensboe, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Mogens Sandfaer, Rob Pritchett, Benjamin Gross
Uberization Module: A life saver for the manually entered dirty citation data in faculty reporting tool
  • Muhammad Javed, Joseph McEnerney
Unconference: Assessment of Vitro Data Loading
  • Josh Greben
Coffee Break
JB Duke Atrium
Growing a Community of Loyal and Excited Users: Actionable Techniques and Strategies to Promote, Grow, and Maintain an Engaging Community
  • Mitchell Melkonian, Julia Trimmer
The SHACL Awakens: A funny thing happened on the way to implementing a metadata application profile in Vitro
  • Huda Khan, Steven Folsom, Jason Kovari, Dean Krafft, Simeon Warner, Michelle Futornick
Using VIVO for a Research Intelligence System for Stanford University
  • Peter Mangiafico, Tom Cramer
Researcher Profiles for UC Health and Beyond
  • Brian Turner, Eric Meeks
Closing Session
Ballroom ABC
Lunch (included)
JB Duke Marketplace
Friday afternoon activities
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