VIVO 2018 Unconference


Unconference Format

The hallways of past VIVO conferences have been filled with VIVO community members and conference attendees catching up and sharing ideas – often times leading to unscheduled yet timely conversations. For 2018, the VIVO Conference will set aside unconference space for these discussions. Similar to “hallway tracks” at other conferences, there will be break out space for small group (5-7 person) discussions on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Like hallway discussions, this unconference format aims for focused discussion as opposed to traditional presentations or demos. Audio visual equipment is not provided.

If you’d like to cover a focused topic in this way, please submit your discussion topic below or during the unconference kickoff times on Thursday and Friday. This unconference format also lends itself to presenters that encounter ideas or questions that can’t be fully explored in their session.

The online program schedule will be updated during the event to share unconference discussion topics.

Unconference Tips

The Pacman Rule

Always stand so that a person could join your conversation. A conversation in the open welcomes other people to join.

The Law of Two Feet

If at any time you find yourself in a discussion where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet to join another discussion or presentation.

Submit Your Discussion Topic

Use this link to add your discussion topic to our collaborative unconference topics document. There will also be opportunities to share your discussion topics with the gathered attendees during the unconference kickoff times on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

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