8 Great Reasons to Stay at the JB Duke Hotel

  1. Experience the gorgeous, modern JB Duke Hotel nestled in a pine forest on the edge of campus. TripAdvisor calls it the “perfect location for a Duke visit.”
  2. Save your budget with reasonable rates: only $169 a night!
  3. Enjoy gourmet meals included with the room rates. Each room registration includes breakfast and lunch Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well as dinner on Wednesday at the JB Duke Marketplace Dining Room.
  4. Play late-night ping pong! Challenge your VIVO colleagues to a game, or organize a tournament.
  5. Simplify your trip: the shortest distance to the conference is from your room at the JB Duke. No need to stress about renting a car, finding your way, and locating dining options.
  6. Schmooze with colleagues at evening events at the hotel; stay at the hotel and relax at the receptions on Wednesday and Thursday, Explore Durham group dinners, and After-Hours Social. More details about these and other fun events are coming your way soon.
  7. Help out your Duke hosts and contribute to the VIVO project. The financial bottom line for the Conference depends on attendees staying at the JB Duke, and the hotel has offered us an amazing package. You won’t find a better deal, and the conference is not located near other hotels and neighborhoods.
  8. Stay active during the conference! Visit the JB Duke’s great gym or get outdoors and explore Duke’s gorgeous campus, play the Washington Duke’s golf course, or run the challenging Al Buehler Trail.

The JB Duke Hotel has made special rates available to our event attendees. To book a room at the JB Duke, click here.

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