Event schedule

Wednesday August 2

Day 1

Identity Management - PCC Task Group on Identity Management
  • John Riemer, Amber Billey, Michelle Durocher, Paul Frank, Violeta Ilik, Stephen Hearn, Jennifer Liss, Andrew MacEwan, Erin Stalberg
How to Make Your Research Networking System (RNS) Invaluable to Your Institution. Speakers: UCSF
  • Brian Turner, Eric Meeks, Lamont Cannon, Julia Trimmer, Douglas Picadio
On your own
Managing Assets as Linked Data with Fedora
  • David Wilcox, Andrew Woods
Promoting FAIR data principles with figshare
  • Alan Hyndman figshare

Crosswalking Research Area Vocabularies in VIVO
  • Don Elsborg, Benjamin Gross, Simon Porter, Violeta Ilik, Paul Frank, Muhammad Javed, John Fereira
Welcome Reception
Skylight Lounge

Thursday August 3

Day 2

Keynote: One, No One and One Hundred Thousand: Building Networked Identities through Linked Open Data.
  • Cristina Pattuelli School of Information at Pratt Institute

Coffee Break

Better Together : VIVO and Fedora
  • Andrew Woods, David Wilcox
Uberization of Symplectic Element’s citation data entries and the use of curation bins
  • Muhammad Javed, Sandy Payette
Lost in Translation - Challenges of Tailoring VIVO to the Needs of the German Scholarly Landscape
  • Christian Hauschke German National Library of Science and Technology

Livin’ la VIVO loca: reviewing current VIVO use within institutional ecosystems to inform VIVO community technological infrastructure requirements
  • Huda Khan, Violeta Ilik, John Fereira, Mike Conlon
Using Field-Normalized Citation Impact to Predict Future Academic Success
  • Michael Bales, Prakash Adekkanattu, Sarbajit Dutta, Paul Albert, Terrie Wheeler
WheatVIVO: Integrating diverse data sources for an international perspective on wheat funding and research activities
  • Esther Dzale Yeumo, Brian Lowe, Lampros Smyrnaios, Hélène Lucas
When Vitro goes rogue: the VitroLib application for library cataloging using linked data
  • Huda Khan, Jim Blake, Nick Cappadona, Jason Kovari, Dean Krafft, Sandy Payette, Lynette Rayle, Simeon Warner, Rebecca Younes, David Neiman, Michelle Futornick
Enriching VIVO profiles with a variety of research outputs
  • Ann Beynon Clarivate Analytics

Secret Mobile Mode: How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Quietly Improving the UCSF Profiles Mobile Experience
  • Anirvan Chatterjee, Eric Meeks, Brian Turner
Lunch and Birds of a Feather
On your own
Invited: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Metadata
  • James Hendler Cognitive Science Department, RPI

Invited: Synthesizing Web Application Logic Using Structural Analysis of Ontologies
  • David Eichmann School of Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa

Coffee Break

Modeling Bibliographic Metadata: An Overview of the bibliotek-o Ontology
  • Rebecca Younes Cornell University

EarthCollab: Using VIVO to represent and explore linkages between research, instruments, and platforms
  • Huda Khan, Matthew Mayernik, Keith Maull, Benjamin Gross, Mike Daniels, Linda Rowan, Don Stott, Sandy Payette, Erica Johns, Dean Krafft
Engaging researchers in research information management systems
  • Shuheng Wu, Dong Joon Lee, Besiki Stvilia
Ontology Change Management at Duke
  • Damaris Murry Duke University

Importing, Exporting, and Updating VIVO Data
  • Rodney Jacobson Dartmouth College

Gaining strategic insight and advantage from internally managed research information
  • Simon Porter, John Furfey
Linked Data for Local Search: Helping patients find their way to and around a geographically complex academic health center
  • Marijane White Oregon Health & Science University Ontology Development Group

Integrating the ReCiter author disambiguation engine with a faculty information system
  • Paul Albert, Jie Lin, Michael Bales
UCSF Profiles: Going from a system they like to a system they need
  • Eric Meeks, Brian Turner, Leslie Yuan
Poster Reception

Friday August 4

Day 3

Keynote: Viewing universities as landscapes of scholarship
  • Jodi Schneider School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Coffee Break

Scholars@Cornell: Visualizing the scholarship data
  • Muhammad Javed, Sandy Payette
Dynamically generating T32 training documents using structured data
  • Paul Albert, Ayesha Joshi
The path towards authoritative and complete data
  • Damaris Murry Duke University

SPARQL Query Optimization and other Dirty Tricks for Improving Visualizations Performance
  • Jim Blake Cornell University

Engaging Faculty and Scholars User Community using Diverse Outreach Methods and Analytics
  • Lamont Cannon, Julia Trimmer
Niche Applications of VIVO Data: Developing Educational and Industry-Facing Software Ex VIVO
  • Kalman Victor, Ariel Katz
A new frontend for VIVO
  • Hector Correa, Steven McCauley
University of California Profiles - a pan-UC biomedical research networking system
  • Brian Turner, Eric Meeks, Leslie Yuan
VIVO, Citations, and alternative facts
  • Don Elsborg University of Colorado, Boulder

Lunch and Birds of a Feather
On your own
Invited: Knowledge Graph: Connecting Big Data Semantics
  • Ying Ding School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University

Invited: Making Sense of the Confusing World of Research Information Management
  • Rebecca Bryant OCLC Research

Coffee Break

Invited: The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus: Building, Managing, and Using a Community Supported Project
  • Katie Frey Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

1,001 Ways to Repurpose VIVO Data
  • Julia Trimmer, Damaris Murry