VIVO 2017 Poster Reception


We hope you will attend this year’s VIVO Poster Reception sponsored by Clarivate Analytics on Thursday August 3rd from 5pm to 7pm in the Griffis Faculty Club.

This engaging event is a great opportunity for one-on-one discussions with the poster and demo presenters, and networking with other attendees. Drinks and appetizers will be served.

Profiles Research Networking Software: Recent Updates and Future Plans

Poster #2: Nick Brown and Griffin Weber

Library Roles in Institutional Research Information Management

Poster #4: Rebecca Bryant and Holly Mercer

Scholars@Cornell: Beginning of a new Cornell VIVO era

Demo #8: Muhammad Javed, Sandy Payette, Joseph McEnerney, Tim Worrall, Jim Blake, Adam Smith, Mary Beth Martini-Lyons, Jason Kovari, George Kozak and Dean Krafft

From PURE to VIVO – a prototype

Poster and Demo #14: Karen Hytteballe Ibanez and Mogens Sandfaer

VIVO RAP - a Research Analytics Platform

Poster #15: Christina Steensboe, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez and Mogens Sandfaer

VIVO data ingest automatization using Karma and a standard middleware with a microservice scheme

Poster #29: Claudia Gutierrez, Ricardo Vera, Ana Triviños and Pablo Valdivia

TIB-FIS-Discovery - VIVO at the German National Library of Science and Technology

Poster #34: Christian Hauschke, Tatiana Walther, Ina Blümel and Martin Barber. 

SAMURAI’s sword: VIVO as a linked-data extension to NIMS researcher directory service “SAMURAI”

Poster and Demo #44: Kosuke Tanabe

Building a better VIVO – roadmap and proposals

Poster #45: Mike Conlon

Thinking of a Blockchain for VIVO

Poster #46: Alexander Garcia Castro, Frederico Lopez and Mike Conlon

Serving diverse scholarly narratives using an integrated RIM featuring VIVO

Poster #47: Bruce Herbert, Dong Joon Lee, Ethel Mejia, Michael Bolton and Doug Hahn

Enhancing VIVO with rich publication metadata and citation metrics from Web of Science

Poster #48: Ann Beynon

Pure: A System for Research Information Management

Poster #49: Asheq Rahman

Connect UNAVCO’s VIVO extensions: linking a scientific community

Poster #50: M. Benjamin Gross, Linda R. Rowan, Matthew Mayernik, Michael D. Daniels and Dean B. Krafft

Gain a complete picture of researcher esteem with peer review

Poster #51: Daniel Johnston and Ann Beynon

Leveraging Clinical Data for Secondary Use without Losing Meaning

Poster #52: Andrew Kanter and Frank Naeymi-Rad

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