VIVO 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for poster/demo session

What do I need to do to give a Demo?

You will need to bring a laptop with your demo on it.

What type of equipment will be provided?

We will provide power cords and table for your laptop.

Will there be screens and computers?

No. Your demo will be done using your laptop.

What will I need for my poster presentation?

A printed copy of the poster itself. We will provide a board and material to hang your poster.

What type and size of poster do I need to make?

Posters will be limited to 35 inches (width) x 35 inches (height).

Will I have time to see other demos and posters if my submission is accepted?

Attendees will view and discuss your work during the poster/demo reception. In addition, we are encouraging presenters to hang posters earlier during the day so they can be viewed during breaks.

Where can I get my poster printed in NYC?

Attendees will need to make their own arrangements for printing and delivery of their poster. We recommend Makesigns where you can place your order online and arrange for the poster to be shipped to your hotel. There is a FedEx Office Print & Ship Center located at 1122 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10075, about a 20 minute walk from the VIVO 2017 Conference site at Weill Cornell Medicine. You can also print your poster at which is 10 minutes away from Weill Cornell Medicine.

FAQ for session presenters

If there are any “special” needs you might foresee beyond displaying a presentation (e.g. group discussion, video with sound), please let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate them.