VIVO 2019 Program

Attribution Rachel Whiteread, "Black Books" (1996-7)

Wednesday September 4

Day 1
ReCiter: an open source author disambiguation system for academic medical institutions
  • Paul Albert, Sarbajit Dutta, Michael Bales, Jie Lin
euroCRIS and VIVO: Bringing Technologies and Communities Closer
  • Pablo de Castro, Anna Guillaumet, Michele Minnielli, Ed Simons, Julia Trimmer
Introduction to VIVO
  • Violeta Ilik, Benjamin Gross, Michael Conlon
Open source tools to populate VIVO with Web of Science data
  • Benjamin Gross
Leadership Group Meeting

Thursday September 5

Day 2
Opening Address
Crystal Ball A
  • Violeta Ilik, Nataša Popović, Michael Conlon, Ruben Verborgh
Herbert Van De Sompel Keynote: Collecting the Organisational Scholarly Record
Crystal Ball
  • Herbert Van de Sompel

Coffee Break
Knowlege organization systems and Linked Data: meaning and identifiers
  • Ronald Siebes, Aida Slavic, Andrea Scharnhorst
A Platform to Support Science of Translational Science Research
  • David Eichmann, Kristi Holmes
Conference Identity: persistent identifiers for conferences
  • Aliaksandr Birukou, Patricia Feeney
Update on VIVO Scholar
  • Paul Albert, Greg Burton, Sarbajit Dutta, Don Elsborg, Hans Harlacher, Damaris Murry, Robert Nelson, Ralph O'Flinn, Richard Outten, Harry Thakkar, Julia Trimmer, Jim Wood, Alex Viggio
A Reference implementation for publishing persistent records for awards and prizes
  • Simon Porter
From CRIS to RPS - discovering research potential form research management systems; Omega-PSIR Experience
  • Jakub Koperwas, Łukasz Skonieczny, Wacław Struk, Henryk Rybiński
Invited Speaker: Knowledge graph generation for research management
Crystal Ball A
  • Anastasia Dimou

Lunch (included)
ReCiter: an open source author disambiguation system for academic medical institutions
  • Paul Albert, Sarbajit Dutta, Michael Bales, Jie Lin
Results of VIVO Community Feedback Survey
  • Michael Conlon, Kristi Holmes, Daniel W Hook, Dean B Krafft, Mark P Newton, Julia Trimmer
Coffee Break
Converis as a VIVO data source: Improvements and directions
  • Miguel Garcia, Benjamin Gross
Engaging Faculty in Scholars@Duke
  • Julia Trimmer, Hans Harlacher, Lamont Cannon
DTU RAP - University analytics based on VIVO and Web of Science data
  • Christina Steensboe, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Mogens Sandfaer, Franck Falcoz, Brian Lowe, Benjamin Gross
  • William S Welling, Dong Joon Lee, Douglas Hahn, Jason Savell, Kevin A Day, Ethel Mejia, Bruce E Herbert
Making VIVO vivid - Embedding social media content in VIVO@UOS
  • Sonja Schulze, Dominik Feldschnieders, Kathrin Schnieders, Manuel Schwarz, Marco Seegers
What Do Faculty Think About Researcher Profiles, Metrics, and Fair Research Assessment? A Case Study from a Research University in the Southeastern United States
  • Rachel A Miles, Amanda Mac Donald, Nathaniel D Porter, Virginia Pannabecker, Jim A Kuypers
Poster Session

Friday September 6

Day 3
Second Day Opening Address
Crystal Ball A
Invited Speaker: Enabling a Socially-Aware Scholarly Ecosystem
Crystal Ball A
  • Sarven Capadisli

Coffee Break
Using Campus Needs Involving Tenure & Promotion, Interdisciplinary Collaborations, and Institutional Research to Drive the Evolution of VIVO at Texas A&M University.
  • Bruce E Herbert, Dong Joon Lee, Douglas Hahn, Ethel Mejia
National Open Science Analytics in VIVO
  • Karen H Ibanez, Christina Steensboe, Nikoline D Lauridsen, Franck Falcoz, Brian Lowe, Marianne Gauffriau, Adrian Price, Anne L Høj, Kirsten K Kruuse, Simon Porter
Smithsonian Profiles: Experiences and Challenges of Implementing VIVO in a Non-University Setting
  • Kristina Heinricy, Alvin Hutchinson, Suzanne Pilsk
Curated Data Visualization and Reporting from VIVO
  • Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad, Graham Triggs, Christian Hauschke
SIGMA CRIS, an implementation of VIVO in Spain
  • Anna Guillaumet
A new (editing) frontend for VIVO
  • Hector Correa, Steven Mc Cauley
Lunch (included)
Semantic Cross-Site Search for VIVO
Crystal Ball A
  • Michael Conlon, Ruben Verborgh, Herbert Van de Sompel, Sarven Capadisli, Violeta Ilik
VIVO Core Technology: the Year in Review, the Year Ahead
  • Andrew Woods, Brian Lowe, Benjamin Gross
Our Scholarly Work: How To Maintain Shared Records
  • Damaris Murry
Coffee Break
A Library of Queries and Reports - introducing the Vitro Query Tool
  • Graham Triggs, Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad, Christian Hauschke
A Framework for Researcher Engagement in RIMSs and its Operationalization in a VIVO-based System
  • Dong Joon Lee, Besiki Stvilia, Shuheng Wu
Internationalization: a major driver of growth for VIVO
  • Rachid Belkouch, Pierre Roberge
VIVO/Vitro as a platform for joint curation of a cultural heritage encyclopedia
  • András Micsik, Tamás Felker
VIVO Ontology Version 2
  • Michael Conlon, Violeta Ilik, Brian Lowe, Christian Hauschke, Marijane White, Muhammad Javed, Naomi Braun
UI Statecharts: Community Collaboration to Define Robust User Interfaces
  • Andrei Tudor
Closing Session
Crystal Ball A