Registration open for VIVO 2019 and OpenReview submission system opening soon!


Registration open for VIVO 2019 and OpenReview submission system opening soon!

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the VIVO 2019 Conference, September 4-6. This year’s conference is hosted by The School of Medicine at University of Montenegro, Clinical Center of Montenegro and Institute of Public Health of Montenegro. We’re looking forward to a wonderful weather and food that’ll accompany this year conference. We hope you can join us in Podgorica, Montenegro!

Register for the conference today with our early bird rate!

  • $200 Early Bird Academic / Non-Profit / Govt
  • $250 Early Bird Industry / For-Profit
  • $99 Students

Book your room at the conference venue hotel, Hilton, or book your room using online sources like and similar websites that offer affordable luxury residential apartment accommodation located a short distance (3–5 blocks) from the conference hotel.

Present your work and ideas at VIVO 2019

Do you help make scholarly data open, found, and consumed? Do you have fresh ideas or new work you want to share with us? We’d love to hear from you! The VIVO conference covers a broad range of topics surrounding research information systems. With VIVO 2019, we are widening the scope of talks to target a broader audience of people working in this space.

Share your talk proposal before 14 April May 15, 2019 through OpenReview.

This list of planned featured topics might inspire you.

Focus topics and trends:

  • Decentralizing and federating research (meta)data
  • Identity and information linking across VIVO and/or other systems
  • Finding information across different systems
  • Data ownership, provenance, validation, truth assessment, and linking
  • Aligning personal and institutional scholarly communication

Scholarly communication topics:

  • Measuring the impact of scholarly works
  • Embedding and linking data inside of scholarly works
  • Promoting open data and transparency in scholarship
  • Evaluating the impact of scholarship in or across various disciplines

System topics:

  • Evaluating and choosing research information systems
  • Taking your research system to the next level
  • Experiences with research systems other than VIVO
  • Enabling international systems and global scholarship

Use cases:

  • Success stories and lessons learned from implementation and maintenance
  • Collaborative research and team science
  • Visualizations, social networks, and recommendation engines
  • Leveraging the VIVO open source community and Duraspace in your institution
  • Using VIVO to “stand on the shoulders of giants”

This year, we will be following an open review process, in which proposals are public. In addition to regular reviews, any member from the public can comment and engage in conversations with the authors and others. We encourage you to comment on each other’s proposals, in order to come to new insights and collaborations.

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