OpenReview and Early Bird Registration


OpenReview and Early Bird Registration

Have you registered for VIVO Conference 2019 yet? The Early Bird Rate is ending on May 27 at midnight GMT, so don’t wait to register.

The Local Organizing Committee has selected the Hilton Hotel as our conference venue which can accommodate 150 attendees in its conference rooms. You can also stay at the Hilton hotel where rates should be around 125 Euros per night. Alternatively, on-line sources such as and similar web-sites offer affordable luxury residential apartment accommodation located a short distance (3-5 blocks) from the conference center.

We invite all of you to leave feedback on the proposals for VIVO2019. All proposals are freely available on OpenReview, and your feedback will make the conference even better! You can comment under your own name, or anonymously.

Reviewer Assignment Stage begins now after the initial paper-reviewer matches are computed. Affinity between paper and reviewer is a weighted combination of

  • Word overlaps
  • Review bids
  • PC suggestion
  • Conflict of interest (negative infinity scores)

Reviewing Stage is open

  • Authors, reviewers, and members of the public can post public comments using the “Comment” button on any VIVO 2019 proposal.
  • For proposals assigned to you for review, visible in your tasks page, you must post your review using the “Official Review” button.
  • Reviews are visible to everyone (program chairs, other reviewers, authors, other users) immediately upon creation.
  • Any logged in user can also post their reviews using “Comment” button and can do it anonymously or using their public ID.
  • Important: while posting anonymous reviews through comments, you must not reveal your identity in any part of the discussion.
  • Reviewer consoles are accessible if you have been assigned proposals for review.
  • Program chairs can monitor review progress using the Program Chair console.

Final Decision Stage

  • Program chairs have the opportunity to refine meta reviews before release.
  • Final decisions are communicated to authors.

VIVO 2019 Conference Planing Task Force will open a late call for poster proposals in June.

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